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About BBGH...

如果你对自己的才能有深刻的奉献精神, 是否愿意付出额外的努力为患者提供卓越的体验, 并且渴望成为伟大团队的一员, you share our values.

所以你才应该待在博克斯巴特综合医院, 最能接受关怀的地方, to work, and to practice medicine. We are a 25-bed critical access hospital, in Alliance, Nebraska with three rural health clinics. Our campus leads in innovation and is dedicated to community wellness and the patient experience. IM电竞App官网友好的同事和支持的领导团队使IM电竞App官网的工作场所独一无二. 在BBGH,您将享受小城镇的魅力与大城市的专业知识. Work with the best in their fields and gain the opportunity to advance your career and profession. 加入IM电竞App官网,成为伟大事业的一部分!

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Hospital Highlights:

- Our vision: "To be the greatest place to work, to receive care, and to practice medicine."
- 2016年完成了4000万美元的扩建/翻新
- Licensed beds: 25
- Rehab & Wellness Center
- Moving stipend
- Sign-on bonus
-员工福利计划(SmartDollar订阅、Clifton strengthscoaching等.)
- PTO/EIB,退休,牙科/视力/生活/健康保险
- On-the-job training
- *Coming soon: Childcare!

Services & Specialties:

-内科/外科(住院/病床/产房 & Delivery)
- MDU (Step-down ICU)
- 24/7 staffed ER
- On-staff Hospitalists
- Lifestyle Medicine
- Dialysis
- Wound Care
- Infusion 
- Cardiac Rehabilitation
- Sleep Studies
- Surgery
- Pediatrics
- Rehab & Wellness Center
- Laboratory
- Orthopedic
- Urology
- Gastroenterology
- Behavioral Health
- Senior Life Solutions
- Support Groups